Stretching Out August featuring August Skye, Sheem the Dream - Brown Bunnies November 9, 2023

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Description: When August Skye's trainer Sheem comes over, it starts out like a normal session. August Skye complains that their last session left her a little tight, so Sheem says for this one they can stretch her out a little. Its gets really hot and August needs to take off her sports bra. They continue to stretch and August Skye notices a bulge in Sheem's sweatpants. She is so apologetic, because she knows it must be hard for him, literally, to not get hard with all the touching and rubbing with her top off. She feels bad and doesn't want him to get blue balls, so she offers him an old fashion so he can release the tension. As she caresses his large cock, she starts to feel a little tension in her lower area. Sheem assures her he is good at relieving tension as well, He dives deep into her pussy and the real workout begins. He bangs her pussy loose, fucking all the stress out of her, and she empties his balls relieving his. She is down for the new routine and can't wait for the next session and the next load.
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