Mochi Mona and Amanda Thickk in I Call The (Cum) Shots - Teen Pies (2023)

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Description: Amanda Thick is tired of her stepson Rion bringing a new girl every time. She doesn’t approve of any of them, as she is also really overprotective. Yet, Rion swears his new girlfriend, Mochi Mona, is different from the rest, and brings her home so she can meet her. Amanda rejects Mochi immediately, treating her like garbage and asking her all kinds of uncomfortable questions, and then confronts her stepson about her. Mochi overhears the conversation and tells Rion to stand up to his stepmom. Since Rion doesn’t even know where to begin, Mochi helps him find his manhood through a blowjob. Rion’s stepmother catches them and notices that Mochi doesn’t even know how to suck her stepson’s cock. Angry as fuck, Amanda coaches her stepson’s girlfriend to fuck him properly while supervising every move.
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