Anal Envy: Unpriestly Desires presenting Keira Croft & Clarke Kent - Modern Day Sins (2022) - Anatomik Media

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Description: A priest, Clarke Kent, is visited by a parishioner, Keira Croft, who has come to him for advice. Keira is coy and a little embarrassed, as she says that she had a sinful dream and doesn't know what to do about it. Clarke tries to reassure her, saying that they all have dreams out of their control, and even he sometimes dreams about things he shouldn't - but afterwards, he always purges his heart of all the sinful desires. Keira then admits that it was a dream about the priest... not only that, but it was a sex dream that included anal. Clarke is surprised but also tempted, and lets it slip that he's had thoughts of that nature. Keira asks if he wants anal sex, and wants HER. He hesitates. Keira points out that Clarke said it was okay to dream and fantasize about these things, right? Then he should pretend this is just a dream. What would he do if there were no consequences? What would he do to her THEN? He looks at her with desperate yearning, and admits he would do anything and everything to her. It's clear that Clarke's resolve has faded, and that he's ready to give in completely to Keira. They have sex, including the anal exploration they've both been hungering for, and even an anal creampie.
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