Greedy Creampies: Wanna Feel What You Feel presenting Scarlett Sage,Clarke Kent & Lexi - Modern Day Sins (2023)

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Description: A wife, Lexi Luna, along with her cheating husband, Clarke Kent, lures Clarke's mistress, Scarlett Sage, over to have a chat. Instead of being angry with the mistress, Lexi explains that she wants to see what tempted her husband and experience sex like he does. It's revealed that Lexi wants them to have a threesome, including using a strap-on on Scarlett, so that she can walk a mile in Clarke's shoes, so to speak. Although Scarlett's shocked at first, once she realizes it's not a trap, she's intrigued... The trio have a passionate threesome, with Lexi mimicking much of what Clarke does throughout the sex. Scarlett is along for the ride as he enjoys both real and fake cocks in equal measure. She even gets a special treat of a double creampie with both real AND fake cum. But will all of this really be enough to satisfy Lexi's curiosity and help her forgive the cheating pair?
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