Proud Pervs: Lesbian Couple's Massage Misdirection introducing Hime Marie,Codey Steele & Nathan Bronson - Modern Day Sins (2023)

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Description: Two horny masseurs, Codey Steele and Nathan Bronson, get ready for their next massage clients, Hime Marie and Hazel Moore. Nathan's pretty excited since he thinks they scored by having TWO women to massage and potentially provide happy endings for. But then Codey bursts his bubble by insisting that the women are girlfriends -- LESBIANS -- so they DEFINITELY won't want happy endings from the men. Today, no matter how horny they get, Codey and Nathan will have to remain strictly professional... But when Hime and Hazel arrive and strip down for their massages, the men get interesting signals of interest from Hime. Once they learn she's bisexual, it becomes obvious that Hime is looking for a SEXY erotic massage from the men -- right under her girlfriend's nose. That's when the men take turns massaging the women, keeping things platonic with Hazel while sneakily fooling around with Hime. Hazel remains blissfully unaware as Codey and Nathan both pleasure Hime, giving her all the cock she could ever want, however she wants it! It looks like Codey and Nathan didn't have to remain strictly professional after all...
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Models: Hime Marie