Glory Hole Amara Romani

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Description: Amara Romani is a self-proclaimed glory hole hunter. No joke. She scours the internet and will walk into any adult bookstore just to see if one exists. She'll walk into a men's room \on accident\ and walk poke her head into the stalls just to make sure she's not missing out on any \cruisy\ action. When she became aware of a new hole in a dirty bookstore near her house, she rushed over to check it out. She wasn't too discreet, either...which made the clerk at the store wary. \Are you a cop?\ he asked. Amara proved she wasn't law enforcement before making her way to the booth with holes bored into the walls. It didn't take long before Amara was entertaining a \random\, using her mouth, cunt, and super-tight asshole to milk a load to swallow. Instead of leaving, she'll wait for round 2!!
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