Strip Searched (2019) Alina Lopez, Codey Steele - Detention Girls

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Description: Codey Steele is the admin in charge of the detention home for girls who need more discipline than their families can provide. Alina Lopez and her friend Kenzie Madison are both staying in the home, but neither girl has outgrown her naughty habits yet. Kenzie wants to indulge, but before she can do so Codey bursts in on them. Kenzie hides the contraband in her bra, but Codey claims he needs to strip search them to figure out what they're up to. Alina has nothing to hide, so it's not long before she has voluntarily stripped naked. That's when Kenzie fesses up.Codey is about to write both girls up, but Alina can't have that. She's already mostly naked so she struts over to Codey and points out his hard dick that could be used to make a mutually satisfying deal. Kenzie doesn't want any part in this, but Codey tells her to stay and watch as Alina sucks him off. She likes that cock so much that she can't wait for Codey to fuck her.Codey puts up the barest resistance, but Alina is way too hot and horny to turn down. Soon he's buried balls deep inside that greedy twat as she takes it doggy style. Alina gets on her back for Codey to keep banging, then climbs onto his fuck stick to ride him like a wild cowgirl. When Alina has taken a mouthful of Codey's cum to enjoy, he lets the girls know that he's writing Kenzie up but not Alina.
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